Popular reading programs and writing exercises encourage Highland students in many grade levels to grow their literacy skills.

Laura Numeroff

Author Visit

If You Give a Mouse a Coookie author, Laura Numeroff, visited Granger Elementary, and shared her journey to becoming a published author, which included lessons on the creative writing process, working with illustrators, perseverance, and how a student’s impact can create massive change for others.

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Great Lakes Theatre Festival

Artist in Residence

Using an interactive, hands-on approach, specially trained actor-teachers visited for five consecutive days. The actors brought various tools including: scripts, props, costumes, –even stage blood– to turn students into an acting troupe, exploring classic literature from an actor’s point of view.

The Highland Buzz Network: It’s a Great Day to Be a Hornet

This grant involves the evolution of Highland High School’s Digital Media Production class and its capabilities to efficiently produce quality video/ audio media projects highlighting achievements of Highland students and staff, as well as sharing these with a wide audience. Through the production of dynamic, tri-weekly announcements, and other special projects created by the new production outlet, The Highland Buzz Network will aim to represent as many positive and remarkable people, events and accomplishments involving Highland High School as possible. The goal is to inform people “why it’s a great day to be a Hornet!”

The Highland Buzz Jr.

This grant allows for a student news broadcast to deliver weekly announcements at Sharon Elementary School. Third graders in Mrs. Bernadette Yu’s classroom learned to plan, write, and produce a weekly recorded announcement to highlight students, staff and events at Sharon Elementary. The format is similar to the Highland Buzz Network (see grant description above). Teachers will also broadcast the announcements in their classrooms. Ultimately, the goal is to incorporate all grades in the production process of The Highland Buzz Jr. at Sharon.

One District One Book

One District, One Book grant funds will be used to purchase a book for each K-5 student in the district for the tenth consecutive year. Students read the book collectively with parents, teachers, and classmates and activities in the school and community help boost enthusiasm for the shared reading experience. The book title is revealed to much fanfare within the schools, with teacher videos, teaser events, and more leading up to the announcement. “I am so excited to share this experience with all of our elementary students,” says Sharon Elementary School teacher Julie Boggs, who co-wrote the grant with fellow Sharon teacher Kris Kosta-Stalder. “Students have been asking and waiting all year to learn what book we will be reading, and I love the excitement that comes from all of us reading the same book at the same time!” For a review of ODOB over the years, watch this video.

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